Do any of these sound familiar?


„Do you by any chance remember who sent the info about the new project? I can’t find it anywhere in my e-mails...“


„If Peter leaves, we are totally s#$@. Nobody else knows anything about the process.”


„We’ve already had to deal with this problem with our previous client. You really don’t remember how it went...?“

If they do, you’re wasting $$, time and getting on your people’s nerves. Let’s look into it together!

How we can help



We will analyze your situation and propose an effective solution.



We will teach you and your people the basics (and the ins and outs) of Knowledge Management.



You’ll be able to gain know-how from our community of experts and enthusiasts.

We are Martin, Roman and René, it’s a pleasure

We get excited by ontologies, knowledge processes and communities of practice. (And catapults. But we’ll leave that for another day…) Simply put, when it comes to knowledge management, you’ll have a hard time looking for more zealous and knowledgeable experts.


Martin studied philosophy and English language and literature. During his studies, he conducted his own research in history of philosophical anthropology. He also has brief experience with marketing from a media holding. Since 2017, however, Martin has been working as a metadata and knowledge manager in the banking sector.


Roman studied mathematics and geography and after his graduation became a teacher. As a teacher he enjoyed supporting his students’ engagement and problem-solving skills. In 2015 he started working as data analyst at a bank, but with the support of his managers he soon changed his focus on managing metadata and information repositories.


René connects his IT experience and knowledge of psychology from his studies and works in the field of training & development for more than two decades. He sees knowledge management as inevitable to overcome information overload and enable effective and meaningful learning and sharing.

A look behind the curtain

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